[HOT] Bahrain & Libya mapping

Katie Filbert filbertk at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 03:38:37 GMT 2011

Political instability has spread to other countries throughout the Middle
East, including Bahrain where crackdown has been harsh.  Bahrain is a tiny
country, an island in the Persian Gulf.

Parts of Bahrain are mapped well, but there are large sections of Manama
(the Capital) and elsewhere that are completely unmapped.  We have excellent
Bing imagery for all of Bahrain.  For now, Google Maps is so much better
than OSM for coverage of Bahrain so for any immediate needs like Ushahidi, I
would recommend using Google Maps.

In Libya, the situation is escalating in the country's second largest city,
Benghazi.  In OSM, Benghazi is very poorly mapped and Google Maps is not
great either though much better than OSM.  Yet, we have great Bing imagery.

In the long run, good OSM data is a good thing for both Bahrain and Libya.
Hopefully, we will be able to do some on-the-ground outreach in both
countries at some point, but for not filling in basics like roads is


PS - there still is a need to map places in Egypt.

Katie Filbert
filbertk at gmail.com
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