[HOT] Bahrain & Libya mapping

Floris Looijesteijn osm at floris.nu
Thu Feb 17 09:42:38 GMT 2011

To me Bengazi seems pretty fine in Google Maps:



On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 4:38 AM, Katie Filbert <filbertk at gmail.com> wrote:
> Political instability has spread to other countries throughout the Middle
> East, including Bahrain where crackdown has been harsh.  Bahrain is a tiny
> country, an island in the Persian Gulf.
> Parts of Bahrain are mapped well, but there are large sections of Manama
> (the Capital) and elsewhere that are completely unmapped.  We have excellent
> Bing imagery for all of Bahrain.  For now, Google Maps is so much better
> than OSM for coverage of Bahrain so for any immediate needs like Ushahidi, I
> would recommend using Google Maps.
> In Libya, the situation is escalating in the country's second largest city,
> Benghazi.  In OSM, Benghazi is very poorly mapped and Google Maps is not
> great either though much better than OSM.  Yet, we have great Bing imagery.
> In the long run, good OSM data is a good thing for both Bahrain and Libya.
> Hopefully, we will be able to do some on-the-ground outreach in both
> countries at some point, but for not filling in basics like roads is
> helpful.
> Cheers,
> Katie
> PS - there still is a need to map places in Egypt.
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