[HOT] HOT for humanitarian organizations

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Feb 22 09:45:57 GMT 2011

I read through this lists archive, tried to figure out from wiki and 
blog, but one thing is missing for me, yet:
What should be the role of humanitarian organisations in relation to HOT?

At my university there is a project group within the computer science 
departement called MUTTI. MUTTI is an acronym for "Multi-User-Table for 
Tangible Interaction". This group (I hope I can join them in the next 
weeks) is developing a big touch table for the THW (Technisches 
Hilfswerk), the national German organization for technical support at 
humanitarian crises all over the world.

Inside of the table a mapnik rendering stack works to render an OSM map. 
The application on top of that allows to use this map for the work of 
the organization: calculating best routes for water pipelines, places 
for helipads etc.

I'm not yet part of the team, but I would like to figure out before 
starting how we or the THW respectively take part at the HOT approach 
besides being pure map consumers?

Currently AFAIK there is a oneway toolchain of MUTTI only consuming OSM 
data, I would like to propose for the next year of the project group a 
backwards channel to enable MUTTI to contribute back to OSM.
Is there anything to follow especially within the HOT activity?
Are there ideas how humanitarian organizations can contribute further 
than to fill out questionaires and to work out a mapping sheet to map 
their own datasets to OSM tagging?

Peter Wendorff

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