[HOT] [CrisisMappers] Please help map Egypt

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
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There's interest in using OSM for geolocating Twitter streams by Meedan. Could 
lead to a virtuous circle, identifying specifically where mapping data is 
needed. I know the NYTimes has uses OSM a couple times in coverage of Tunisia 
and Egypt.

We have good contacts in the Egyptian community, who are of course cut off from 
communication right now. Does anyone know Tunisian mappers? And if we were to 
help support mapping in Amman, I have some contacts there too.

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Thanks for your email that for some reason I am just discovering now. 
I approached Spot in case we identify areas where Bing and Yahoo can be 
completed, we will have to furnish them AOI-
Shall we start with setting up a crisis page on the OSM_WikiProject_Egypt?


On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 1:13 AM, Katie Filbert <> wrote:

The situation is still early in Egypt but escalating rapidly.  There's already 
an instance of Ushahidi (http://25jan.crowdmap.com/) by the Arabic Network for 
Human Rights Information.
>For OpenStreetMap, with the new Bing imagery, there are many places in Egypt 
>that are poorly mapped but now have excellent imagery.  Cairo is quite good but 
>can always be improved.  Alexandria has many areas that need improvement.
>Smaller but significant cities that are poorly mapped but have great imagery, in 
>the Sinai / Suez region:
>* Suez
>* Port Said
>* Ismaiyla
>In southern Egypt (upper Egypt):
>* Aswan
>* Luxor
>* Minya
>* Asyut
>* Sohag
>In the Nile Delta region:
>* Tanta
>* Damanhur
>* Desouk
>* Kafr el-Sheikh
>* Alexandria
>Just to name a few ...
>I know we have wonderful OSM mappers in Egypt who have done a marvelous job with 
>mapping Cairo. Please help and improve OSM coverage, especially in these smaller 
>but still significant cities and around Egypt.
>Katie Filbert
>filbertk at gmail.com
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