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Folks, what did we have in place to produce map books?

Can Mapsomatic easily be modified for different formats/scales?

http://www.safety-maps.org/ was a recent project to do something similar. I know 
the developers would be interested to hear more ideas how to make it useful.

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On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 8:12 PM, Samuel Mandell <shmandell at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm designing a project whose goal is to prepare folks in my community for
> disasters. An essential part of any disaster kit are maps of the local area
> so that when electricity has gone out people can still navigate to specific
> areas of the city (for instance to get supplies or medical help).
> OpenStreetMap has comprehensive map data for my area (the San Francisco Bay
> Area) and I'd like to use the mapping data to create maps for the various
> cities to hand-out to residents. Since I'd need detailed (1:4800) of an
> entire city I haven't been able to use the export tool since it seems to
> have some built in limits to how large of an image it will generate (which
> makes sense). For Mountain View, CA the image size we'd want to generate is
> around 9409 x 11310 with a 1:4800 scale, in other words, very large. We
> would then cut this into smaller squares and print it out in a booklet with
> attribution to OpenStreetMap for the data and visuals.
> What's the best way for us to generate these detailed maps of the various
> cities?

Well that sounds awesome.

You might try downloading an extract of OSM data for that area.  You
should be able to find an extract that deals with California, or the
US West.  That way you don't have to deal with an entire planet full
of data.  Then use Mapnik or one of the other rendering tools to
generate your map.  You'll likely want to adjust the style sheet to
make it just right for emergency awareness.

There is a company in SF area experienced in printing high resolution
maps from OSM data. Perhaps they'll do it for you for free since it is
such a worthy project?

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