[HOT] Barrier = debris

Andy Gates andyg at ravenfamily.org
Wed Mar 16 22:31:13 GMT 2011

May I propose that barrier=debris gets adopted and rendered?

I've been using barrier:obstacle_type=debris (lifted from the
humanitarian set) but as the Sendai wiki says, "consider using these in
combination with a simple barrier=* as this is more widely used by
existing OSM data consumers (specifically routing engines, Garmin files)"

This has come up from the imagery mapping, as a simple way of tagging
blocked roads and similar features, where the way is blocked with
debris.  The debris may be rocks or mud or houses (yes, entire houses)
or boats or other bits of mangled infrastructure: it's an ad-hoc barrier
of junk.  There are many barrier tag values at present but they're all
meant to be there!

It also has a non-HOT use where, eg, a footpath has been blocked or left
in such disrepair that it may as well be blocked (piled up with junk and


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