[HOT] Barrier = debris

Hans van Wijk hvwijk at planet.nl
Thu Mar 17 07:35:41 GMT 2011

I'm thinking:

Both can be used in other situations too.

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Andy Gates <andyg at ravenfamily.org> schreef:

>May I propose that barrier=debris gets adopted and rendered?
>I've been using barrier:obstacle_type=debris (lifted from the
>humanitarian set) but as the Sendai wiki says, "consider using these in
>combination with a simple barrier=* as this is more widely used by
>existing OSM data consumers (specifically routing engines, Garmin files)"
>This has come up from the imagery mapping, as a simple way of tagging
>blocked roads and similar features, where the way is blocked with
>debris.  The debris may be rocks or mud or houses (yes, entire houses)
>or boats or other bits of mangled infrastructure: it's an ad-hoc barrier
>of junk.  There are many barrier tag values at present but they're all
>meant to be there!
>It also has a non-HOT use where, eg, a footpath has been blocked or left
>in such disrepair that it may as well be blocked (piled up with junk and
>   -andygates
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