[HOT] Humanitarian Data Model, Spatial Signature

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Fri Mar 18 18:49:16 GMT 2011

In the process of converting JOSM presets to Potlatch2, I have questions about
the content of the Spatial signature in the Humanitarian Data Model.
Below is the documentation on Signal signature keys.
(wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Tags/Humanitarian_Data_Model#Spatial_signature  )

These Signal signature keys are part of dialogue boxes for IDP Camps, Schools and Hospitals.
This doesnt make sense to me, since boundary=administrative refers to boundary relations.
Should te OSM TAG equivalent be pcode, pcode:2, pcode:3, pcode:4 ?

Pierre Béland

Spatial signature 
Spatial Signature keys and values common to all objects proposed to meet field requirements as enclosed in Hum Data Model version 2.0 - This table is sortable, click on headings to sort Humanitarian Data Model attribute Description/Discussion OSM Tag equivalent Category 
PCODE Map to ID=* to be created
 (not listed in MapFeatures)
 with tag pcode=* pcode=* ID 
Admin_level_1_Name boundary=administrative
name=* Administrative, Admin_Level, Name 
Admin_level_2_Name boundary=administrative
name=* Administrative, Admin_Level, Name 
Admin_level_3_Name boundary=administrative
name=* Administrative, Admin_Level, Name 
Admin_level_4_Name boundary=administrative
name=* Administrative, Admin_Level, Name 
Area/Location place:area=*
place_name=* Place 
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