[HOT] poi-map of japan

Jan Tappenbeck osm at tappenbeck.net
Fri Mar 18 21:09:39 GMT 2011

  hi !

i create a poi map [1] - update daily if possible; ideas and commantens 
to me please.

if someone can translate following to japanese (html-code) i will add 
into my side:

             texts["en"]["legendtxt"] = '<?php echo $map_legend_en ?>';
             //texts["en"]["legendtxt"] = "LegendenDummy EN";
             texts["en"]["time"] = "Letztes POI-Update: ";
             texts["en"]["about"] = "About";
             texts["en"]["about1"] = "This is a map by the 
OpenStreetMap-project using the licence <a 
target=\"self\">CC-BY-SA-Lizenz 2.0</a>.<br> <a 
href=\"http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ\">more ...</a>";
             texts["en"]["about2"] = "The data is not necessarily 
complete and correct. We assume no responsibility for using this map!";
             texts["en"]["about3"] = "Informations about mistakes and 
ideas please send to OSM-USER <a 
target=\"self\">Lübeck</a> by mail.";
             texts["en"]["about4"] = "Back to the overview";

             texts["en"]["help"] = "Help";
             texts["en"]["help1"] = "With the middle mousewheel or the 
zoom-slide you can change the map-size. To move the map you had to press 
the middle-mouse-button and move the mice.";
             texts["en"]["help2"] = "The objects of the legend will be 
sign additional with markers in the map. If the cursor hover a marker a 
information-cloud will temporary show. if you click the marker the cloud 
will be show permanently until an other will open or you click the 
             texts["en"]["help2"] = "On the right side you can see two 
blue buttons <img src=\"../grafiken/layer-switcher-maximize.png\" 
style=\"height: 10px;\">. If you click the top-button a panel will open 
to dis-/enabed informations. A overview-panel can be open by click on 
the other blue button. In use of shift-button and left mouse-button you 
can define a zoom-window.";

             texts["en"]["legend"] = "Legend";
             texts["en"]["osmtag"] = "OSM-Tags";
             texts["en"]["navicontrol"] = "show/hide navi-panel";
             texts["en"]["error"] = "Error response";
             texts["en"]["error1"] = "Map-errors and mistakes in the 
data can response by EVERYONE ! By the tool <a 
target=\"self\">OpenStreetMap-Bugs (OSMB)</a> you can define a marker 
and give informations to other mappers.";
             texts["en"]["error2"] = "Click <a 
href=\"http://www.openstreetbugs.org\" target=\"self\">here</a> to open 
the OSMB-map for the same area.";
             texts["en"]["error3"] = "More informations about OSMB you 
can find in the <a 

             texts["en"]["jserror1"] = "Error";
             texts["en"]["jserror2"] = "JavaScript had to be active!";
             texts["en"]["jserror3"] = "To show this map JavaScript had 
to be active. Please active JavaScript in your browser-properties. If 
you use NoScript, please allow the download of 
<em>openstreetmap.org</em> and <em>openlayers.org</em> because files 
from these sides will be use!<br>With the <i>Edit in ...</i>-buttons you 
can open the active map-area directly in the named editor.";

regards Jan :-)

[1] http://www.tappenbeck.net/osm/maps/deu/index.php?id=2000

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