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Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Sat Mar 19 02:23:59 GMT 2011

I send a copy of this message to HOT discussion group. Persons involved in developping
Humanitarian Data Model and HOT Presets for JOSM might be interested by the subject.
I am in the process of converting JOSM Presets to Potlatch2 and had a few discussions
on potlatch-dev recently. The Development version of HOT Presets for Potlatch2 can be
seen at the following url :  http://www.clubmontagnecanadien.qc.ca/hotpotlatch2/index.php 
Note that I didnt succeed yet in downloading the OSM map even if I followed procedure for oauth.
You just have to click to create nodes and ways for Menu tests. 

on 2011-03-16  16:16:25 I wrote on potlatch-dev: 
>> 2. TAGS: If we already have a feature in Default Presets using a specific tag like School,
>>     is it possible to create a new feature with duplicating this tag reference without 
>>     any confict with the existing feature ?  If so, how to do?
on 2011-03-17  07:24:40, Andy Allan answered
> You *shouldn't* define the same real-world object multiple
> times. There is not two different real-world things - "HOT Schools"
> and "Schools" - there are only schools, sometimes with additional
> information provided relevant to HOT purposes. Therefore there should
> only be one feature in the presets tagged amenity=school - you should
> not create an additional "HOT School" feature, you should edit the
> existing "school" feature to have additional information.
> Same goes for highways - I'm still concerned that there's going to be
> huge conflicts between your (shortened) "HOT Roads" list and the
> normal OSM roads. Avoid duplication and especially data loss.
> I think we might need to update P2 to reject duplicated features, but
> this might be tricky to get right.

Andy, your answer didnt concern the technical aspects, but rather how you
conceive the structure of menus. After making tests with Potlatch2 menu, I can say
that technically, the P2 menu handler do not accept two different two different layers
having the same tag reference, for example :
    <tag k="amenity" v="school"/> 

But, conceptually speaking, there are different ways to structure the feature elements 
in the menus. If we compare the Potlatch2 menus with JOSM, we can see that JOSM
accepts to create Feature Groups for HOT presets and that it accepts duplicate features
like school, hospital or highway.

I dont know what where the discussions when this has been made. But one reason to group
HOT features together is probably to facilitate coding.

But the principal problem is not technical but rather conceptual. When you say that we should
not have duplicates, this has impact on the way we structure the menus.

Do you think that we should not structure the menus in Potlatch2 the same way as in JOSM
with Feature groups specific to Humanitarian Presets ? To my opinion, this would create
confusion for people using both editors.

Pierre Béland 
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