[HOT] Google Summer of Code with Sahana?

Fran Boon francisboon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 16:02:58 GMT 2011

Are you a student in full-time education?
Fancy getting paid to work on Humanitarian Mapping over the summer?
Sign up for a Google Summer of Code project with Sahana :)

Yes, Sahana have again been accepted as a Google Summer of Code
Mentoring Organisation.

There are a few ideas relating to mapping which could make 1 or more
GSoC projects:

The one which I think is most relevant to this community is:

I envisage a system where an NGO field worker loads up their GPS with
the latest OSM base map (with Contours) for the area then heads out &
gathers a number of waypoints - some relating directly to their work
(locations of camps, wells, warehouses, etc) & some which are just to
help find their way around: Offices, key Suppliers, Landmarks & maybe
a Track too (hopefully!).
When they get back to the office they upload all of this quickly to
their local server (can we get a Flash application to talk to the USB
Then someone (not necessarily themselves) goes through this collected
data & sorts it out - creating resources in the local Sahana database
for Camps, Offices, Warehouses, Project Activity sites & uploading
some of them to OpenStreetMap (we integrate Potlatch2, but it could
use a tighter integration) - tracing over tracks & maybe doing a
direct upload of some PoIs (we can export to .osm format from our
database easily).
Then in the morning the original worker plugs their GPS back into the
system & downloads - both an updated Base Map & the current collection
of Organisational WayPoints for this location (again a Flash app?).
Obviously the Waypoints need to include a unique ID in order to not
nbe seen as a new one when re-uploading.
Ideally the user would want to have some 'personal' waypoints too?

* We can probably assume Garmin GPS units (although Smartphones are
becoming increasingly common too)
* Most users are relatively non-technical & don't really want to
understand OSM (we would expect to train up 1 person/office who would
be the link between the office & OSM)

Another OSM aspect that we've been working on, but which could use
some love is Importing PoIs from OpenStreetMap.
We've put most effort so far into Hospitals & Clinics.
Increasingly, the OSM database provides a great start on where the
hospitals are for a country.
Making it easier to do this import would be great - ideally the user
would simply select a Rectangle/Polygon for where they are interested
(or upload a Polygon), select the features that they're interested in
& this would then import these into the local Sahana database.

If anyone is interested, in working with Sahana then please do get in touch :)

Best Wishes,

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