[HOT] Flooding in Richelieu River, Quebec, Canada : Follow-up

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Wed May 25 03:08:19 BST 2011

Hi Jean-Guilhem,

I am following the email to mapsomatic team to see if we can use a boundary relation such as 

As you said before, there is a street map of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu at http://www.ville.saint-jean-sur-richelieu.qc.ca/web/doc/Carteroutiere-2007824103123.pdf

For other small cities in the area, there is a paper map produced by MRC Haut-Richelieu. In Quebec, MRC is an administrative level regrouping cities. All of the most of affected cities, except one are from  MRC Haut-Richelieu.  The other city, Saint-Basile-LeGrand, as only one street along the river affected.

I am involved in an Voluntereed organization helping people on the ground (and water, see https://picasaweb.google.com/Rochassiers2009/SolidariteInondationRichelieu2011 ) and did'nt have much time looking closely at the data itself. 

But Canvec Data v7 provided to OSM by Natural Resources of Canada, a federal Government Agency, seems to be the solution.

Going back at this data, I see that ways have name tags containing street names.  People involved recently in importing Canvec data could look if street names could be imported rapidly.  Canvec data has been partially imported in the area. But street names have not been imported.

The flooded zone is part of two NRCAN tiles coded 31H3 and 31H6. Canvec data (osm format) for 031H tiles is available on NRCAN site at the following url : ftp://ftp2.cits.rncan.gc.ca/osm/pub/031/H/ 


Pierre Béland 

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Hi Pierre,

Any idea of sources for street names ?

With MapOSMatic, you can produce indexed maps of streets of arbitrary rectangular areas (provided they are not too large). For example, for Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu :
(in PDF format ; PNG and SVGZ formats are available from http://maposmatic.org/jobs/26951)

Or, for the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu / Saint-Eugène almost rectangular flooded area for which you have given a boundary relation :

You can define your own areas on http://maposmatic.org .

I do not know about zones delimited by a boundary relation. Copying Maposmatic addresses in case they could help.

Best wishes,


Le 25/05/2011 00:25, Pierre Béland a écrit : 
On may 23, strong winds up to 80 km/h pushed rapidly Lake Champlain water in Richelieu river. For the second time in a month, a high level record have been registered in Lake Champlain and Richelieu river basin. 

My city and a total of 18 cities are principally affected. No severe injuries are registered, but people are fighthing to save there houses. Many people are fragile and severely affected of a month long of fighting with nature elements. Many retired persons and low level revenu persons are living in this area. Exhausted volunteers are building dikes around homes. Tension and frustration is becoming high among affected people. Many have already lost there houses. 

The next steps (cleaning, repairs) will bring thousand of people in affected zones. SOS-Richelieu, a Volunteers organization in wich I am involved (http://sosrichelieu.com/ ) , is requesting Indexed maps of streets of the affected zones. HOT Team and OSM mappers can help by assuring these maps be available rapidly.

If it was possible, the best would be to use a tool such as Mapsomatic to produce Indexed street maps for a specific zone delimited by a boundary relation. We do not want to produce a map a all a city but only of flooded zones. If you have any idea in how to do so, your comments would be appreciated.

I started a wiki page at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/2011_Richelieu_river_flooding 

I also started to roughly draw affected zones using the following tags.
note=temporary; richelieu river flooding may 2011 

For the time being, this is a draw of the affected zone. But is enough to see in wich areas, the street names should be added.

I should obtain soon detailed maps produced by cities of affected zones and will then modify the map in consequence.


Pierre Béland

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