[HOT] Flooding in Richelieu River, Quebec, Canada : Follow-up (Complement of information)

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Fri May 27 03:46:40 BST 2011

Many osm volunteers have worked in the last two days to correct roads, complete Canvec import and add street names.

An other task is to estimate the flooded zone along the Richelieu River and Missisquoi Bay in Lake Champlain. One simple approach to determine the flooded zones would be to use the 30 meter contour line from Canvec data. This would be good at least for Richelieu River.

These maps from Natural Resources Dept of Canada shows the 30 meter contour line. For the areas I visited last week with volunteers, this line delimits approximately the flooded zone. On monday 23, water level of the Richelieu river went up to approximately 30.8 meters in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Would it be a good solution to estimate the flooded zone ?
If so, any idea, how we can extract 30 meter contour line from shape files using a tool such as Quantum GIS and convert to OSM ?

Below is an example of Toporama map for Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the wms version of Canvec, where we can see the 30 meter contour line.


Pierre Béland 

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Sujet : [HOT] Flooding in Richelieu River, Quebec,Canada : Follow-up (Complement of information) 
Following are the ways and relation I have produced to document Richelieu River flooding.  

Affected zones (These will be revised when I obtain more detailed information on streets / areas affected.





Boundary relation that could be used to produce Indexed map of streets with tools such as Mapsomatic

Pierre Béland 
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