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Hey Mikel, we already have powerful deduplication/sync options within
Eden's importer - we'd really like an XSLT stylesheet to link into that...
I think import-only would be the starting point.
Useful features include villages, potentially admin boundaries & key
infrastructure such as hospitals & schools.
Once the XSLT was ready then we'd want the ability to download specific
subsets, most likely by admin boundary & most likely we'd have the WKT
already. Once we'd got that script then a GUI widget should be easy :)

Potlatch integration usecase includes the Red Cross for whom I am
implementing a Sahana-based Resource Mapping System & many National
Societies were really entrusted about being able to edit OSM. To make this
easy we need 2 restructure the config to be per-user not site & try to
provide automatic registration to OSM from their user-profile...

Best Wishes,
On 11 Nov 2011 22:03, "Mikel Maron" <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Pat
> Let's just start off in #sahana-eden ... I can probably answer most
> questions myself, but just might have some backup.
> Both JOSM and Potlatch are actively developed. Potlatch is getting better
> and better, and is browser based. JOSM is "industrial strength", and mostly
> runs on the desktop. There is an experimental applet version (
> http://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Applet) but it's not fully functional,
> or really an active focus.
> Looked at the projects, and see too. Tighter integration with Potlatch and
> Sahana sounds cool.
> The importer is possible as well ... do you have use cases for this? Are
> there particular types of OSM map features useful for Sahana? Does the
> import need to synchronize, or just overwrite?
> Look forward to it!
> Mikel
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> Mikel --
> I can hang on IRC on Saturday ... maybe not the whole 7 hours, but at
> least the first half.
> Fantastic -- thank you!!!!
> Mark, Pat, give me the details on where to go, and I'll do my best to help
> (I'll have the #osm-dev channel open in another window!)
> We'll be chatting on freenode #sahana-eden, but we can send people to
> #osm-dev to ask OSM-related questions -- would that be better?  (This is
> partly an "Introduction to Participating In Hackathons" hackathon ;-) so we
> want to get people to do what they'd do at a "real" hackathon.)
> These are the projects we're hoping to work on -- the OSM-related projects
> are at the top.  (I'm going to fill in some more details Real Soon Now...)
> http://eden.sahanafoundation.org/wiki/GHC2011
> One thing that's not in there is investigating whether there's any way
> JOSM could be run as an applet, so it could be used in place of Potlatch.
> I'm guessing JOSM may be too big for that.  The main reason for looking
> into that is the (perhaps mistaken) impression that OSM editor work is
> switching over to JOSM.  Maybe you have Secret Insider Knowledge of whether
> Potlatch is being eased out in favor of JOSM...?  ;-)
> And, thanks again!!!
> -- Pat
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