[HOT] Meruvian model and HOT mapping

Frans Thamura frans at meruvian.org
Sun Nov 27 16:38:20 GMT 2011

hi all

i am not disaster people, but after know that learn osm part of HOT,
and may be kompetisi OSM also. which for me, those bring value to my

this is my slide


we have our own framework, called jtechnopreneur

i am believing that GIS Data will be common information, and make GIS
skill very specific, and people will know GIS broadly.

i want to put GIS integration as foundation of platform of services or system

my model link and match between education and industry, see in my slide, above

my model here, we create infrastructure (will be done, we just select
rendered now, mapnik and data run welll in my server), we call it

after that, i will seeking content to learn, and contribute and make ecosystem

my trust to univ down in the lowest level in my live of trust :)

so i try to educate them since highschool, which now i am focusing
deeply. see the activity in www.facebook.com/meruvian.

so we teach, wait they grow, and bring to the ecosystem that we design.

and success ;)

after maning sambale, introduce OSM, and meet OsGeo guy in Japan, i
believe this GIS will run, esp i create OSGeo-id, in may 2006, and see
the ecosystem is not working, i try to abandon this community, i think
GIS people is subborn :) sorry all.

now after that, i try to move again, and GIS software without content
, is crazy work.. esp we know bakosutranal :).. i have worked with
them in last 3 years to get content GIS, amazing bad :)

so Maning , introduce OSM..

and after that get LearnOSM

so OSM bring value to the ecosystem that we create since 2006.

esp after see riskin abox architecture.. wow linking more.. we use
geoserver as default material for integration student.

so, i want to know, my work is HOT related or we are in different world.

i am afraid i am in wrong mailing list ;)

sorry for distrubing...

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