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This is a really good opportunity!
I'm going to be busy this week in a conference, and then moving stuff ... so even though I'd like to take a lead on this, this is a bad week for me.
I will be checking in on Saturday and Sunday, to see how I can drop in contribute to the simulated mapping.

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>Hi All,
>Nicolas and I were at meetings in Geneva last week.  (Yes we owe you
>guys a much bigger write-up than that and will provide soon)
>One of the meetings was about using space based information and
>crowd-sourcing hosted by UNOSAT.  This was the second of such
>meetings, one of the ideas that came out of the first meeting was to
>do a simulation.  The plan is on the weekend of December 3rd to do a
>simulation around a cyclone hitting Samoa.  I think HOT should be
>involved in this.  There is good satellite imagery over Samoa and
>people on the ground are participating in the simulation.  We have
>also discussed with GISCorps the potential of working together on
>Is anyone interested in joining?  Also if someone could lead this
>effort that would be wonderful.  I'm most likely going to be on an
>island in Indonesia with minimal Internet so it will be difficult for
>me.  I can help you get set-up with the others involved and further
>coordination leading up to the event though.
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