[HOT] Simulation in Samoa

Daniel Oefele oefele at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 30 02:01:11 GMT 2011

I am in as a  volunteer mapper. If necessary I can also give basic technical
advise for JOSM or put together some tagging presets.

Is there a schedule already?

Greetings from Kupang

Daniel Oefele



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Kate Chapman  2011-11-29  05:04:50 



Hi Pierre,

Would you be interesting in working with GISCorps?  Randy Hale who

knows their work and OSM really well will be project managing from

their side.  The idea is to have their volunteers help us map.  I'm

not sure if they are going to make map products, but it would be

something to discuss.




I need to know more exaclty what we plan to do, the

technicalities of the project and the contacts of persons involved.

In particular, whats are Imagery urls and whats about using the tasking


Give me Randy Hale contact and I will discuss with him.




Pierre Béland 

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