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Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 21:19:26 BST 2011

Hi all,

I'm the main developer of the tasking application and I'll keep
working as much as possible.

I subscribed too lately to the HOT mailing-list to have a copy of
Dato's message. However, folowing is my answer.

The question was:
can the tasks webpage work so that it remembered all the areas
that I started working on? cause after 2 hours it disappears and bookmarking
does not work as well.. so if I accidentaly closed that tab it disappears
and it would be helpful to come back to that area.

Of course the server keep the information on which task you are
working for each job. If you refresh the job's page, you should get a
link to the task you're working on. The task is not supposed to be
opened in a new tab.  ;-)
If you close the browser, reopen it and get back to the tasking
server, information is kept.
However, your feedback is important and I think about a better
usability. I've already an almost working version where the task is
displayed in the job's page. Do you have any other suggestion?

What may sound weird as well is the fact that the task is
automatically unlocked after 2 hours. This automatic unlock prevents
us from tasks locked forever. We should probably allow the user to get
some bonus time if required.


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