[HOT] anyone joining the GIS for the UN in Geneva 2-5th April

Fred Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 20:55:09 BST 2012

Dear all,

Jean will talk about OSM tomorrow in his session.

And for my session I will also give my experience with OSM inside IOM

All the best Fred

2012/3/27 Jean-Guilhem Cailton <jgc at arkemie.com>

> **
> Hi Robert,
> Only taking the time to follow the link now that I am just back from a
> very intense month in Haiti (at Saint Marc). Finding out, when trying to
> request to attend, that :
> "Registration is no longer allowed for this event."
> I would have loved to meet you there, as well as other people who will be
> there, (including Fred Moine, who will be a panelist in Breakout session 2,
> according to the program, and who is one of the best promoters and
> supporters of OSM in Haiti and elsewhere, himself from within a UN agency,
> IOM).
> Also, ESRI recently made a "very generous donation" to the OSM Foundation (
> http://blog.osmfoundation.org/), so they should probably not object at
> all to promoting OSM. OSMF could probably let you know who was in contact
> with ESRI when this happened (and then, who at ESRI...).
> There will probably be other opportunities.
> Best wishes,
> Jean-Guilhem
> Le 22/03/2012 14:30, robert colombo a écrit :
> Is there anyone assisting this conference http://www.gisfortheun.com/
> it could be interesting to meet with other OSM HOT members if there is
> any. It could be also interesting to think on any advocacy method for the
> agencies. anyone got any contact at ESRI to think about the promotion of
> OSM at UN agencies?
>  I'll be assisting and will be willing to add my sand grain if needed.
> Let me know if anyone will be there!
>  --
> Robert Colombo Llimona
> --
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