[HOT] HOT Awarded Micro-Grant for Strategic Planning

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Tue Apr 3 20:28:11 BST 2012

Hi All,

HOT has been awarded a grant for strategic planning support.  What
this is means is the HOT board will be meeting in DC the week of May
1st with assistance from the Meridian Institute who will be providing
facilitation for the meeting.  The core outcome of the meeting is to
have a strategic plan for HOT.

We'll be reaching out to everyone in the next couple weeks to collect
information to help drive the meeting. Meridian has already
interviewed the HOT board to further shape the discussion.

If you have questions feel free to contact me or discuss on the list.

Below is the full text of the announcement.



Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Awarded
Micro-Grant for Strategic Planning Support

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, with the support of
CrisisCommons, awarded a small grant to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
(HOT) to help with its strategic planning process. HOT works both
remotely and on
site in countries to assist with the collection of geographic
information, to train
others in OpenStreetMap database and related software, and to act as a bridge
between the traditional humanitarian relief community and the OpenStreetMap
community. OpenStreetMap is a Web-based project to create a free, editable map
of the entire world, built mostly by volunteers using data collected
from portable
Global Position System (GPS) receivers, digitizing aerial photography,
or acquiring
and making accessible public geographic data. OpenStreetMap data can
fill the gaps
in existing map data to improve delivery of humanitarian relief. For
example, after
the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, HOT rapidly created a detailed map of
the earthquake
affected zone where none existed, providing critical information used by
CrisisCommons, MapAction, Mission 4636, the World Bank and other disaster
response organizations.

This micro-grant reflects new priorities for the larger grant to the
Wilson Center by
the Alfred P. Sloan foundation. Under the new objectives, the grant to
the Wilson
Center will help establish CrisisCommons as an independent, non-profit
entity and
support key activities; provide seed funding to other volunteer and technical
communities or high-leverage opportunities that will benefit the
larger ecosystem;
and continue to support the Wilson Center’s events and work on the policy and
research issues underlying crowd-sourcing, social media and related
The reorientation of the grant was based on more than 40 hours of
interviews with
CrisisCommons, several other digital volunteer groups, and traditional crisis
response organizations to better understand the critical needs and
activities in this
space. A limited number of micro-grants will be awarded in 2012.

This micro-grant will provide HOT with professional facilitation and
support through
the Meridian Institute to help HOT refine its mission and develop a
strategic plan.

Learn more about:

Humanitarian Open Street Map: http://hot.openstreetmap.org

CrisisCommons: http://www.crisiscommons.org

Science and Technology Innovation Program at the Wilson Center:

Meridian Institute: www.merid.org.

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