[HOT] subnational boundaries for egypt and mauritania

Ian Villeda villeda at mapbox.com
Fri Apr 6 14:51:48 BST 2012


We've gotten the green light from data owner[1] to import admin-2 boundaries for Egypt and Mauritania. This data is corroborated by wikipedia [2] and similar to the UNOCHA SALB data [3], with minor discrepancies[4] with the latter. Shapefiles can be found here:
- Mauritania http://maplibrary.org/stacks/Africa/Mauritania/index.php
- Egypt: http://maplibrary.org/stacks/Africa/Egypt/index.php

To convert to .osm we are using ogr2osm with a simple translation function[5]. The only difference between Egypt and Mauritania is the egyptian governates are classified as admin_level=3 whereas mauritania's departments are classified as admin_level=4. this is captured in unique translation functions. 

Once in JOSM, we will delete the national boundaries in our generated .osm file (these appear to be robot-generated and really node-heavy). Ways for each admin boundary will then be connected manually to existing admin-2 osm boundaries, and we'll also manually repair the subnational relations.  

Cross-posting this HOT as I know others are working on imports in the Sahel. Please respond with questions and concerns!


Ian Villeda
villeda at mabox.com

[1] Eric Dudley of www.mapmaker.com  
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Departments_of_Mauritania  
[3] http://www.unsalb.org/  
[4] https://img.skitch.com/20120404-11iykjxm9q42hxnmfwc94y5afs.jpg  
[5] https://gist.github.com/380dd59f756da466d0cc

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