[HOT] Including natural hazards in the HOSM data model?

David Schmitt david at black.co.at
Sat Apr 7 18:33:35 BST 2012

On 2012-04-04 19:35, Stéphane Henriod wrote:
> I am browsing through inasafe website and it seems indeed pretty
> interesting and relevant for the issues I raised in my first email.
> However, I believe that it is complementary rather than conflicting:
> what I would aim at is the possibility to collect hazard data in an
> OSM-compliant format that could, in turn, be used for risk analysis, for
> example with InaSAFE.
> I see your point that hazard data (flood-prone areas, recurrent
> landslides, seismic zones...) might need to be located out of the main
> OSM DB, but I would be interested to read whether this opinion is mostly
> shared by other HOT members? What I mean is: is the hazard data really
> less relevant to the humanitarian and to the overall communities than
> the blocked roads, the IDPs locations or the Search and Rescue zones?
> IMHO, they would fall in the same category, so either everything in the
> main OSM DB, or everything out of it. Does that sound silly?
> Thanks a lot for replying to me, and looking forward to engage the
> discussion with any other member that would feel interested!

Hi Stéphane,

I'm only a small-time contributor, both here and in the greater OSM 
community, but I firmly believe that

   * integration of diverse datasets (not in the planet.xml, but in the
     OSM "universe"), and
   * flexible creation of derived works with an emphasis on creating a
     feedback loop through OSM back into the datasets

are two key missing concepts in the current OSM incarnation.

I've written a little bit more about this at the bottom of 

Best Regards, David

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