[HOT] Mali follow-up: local people activation?

Séverin MENARD severin.menard at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 16:04:46 BST 2012


I was not present during the last activation group meeting, so I do not
know if it has been already discussed: what can we do to involve the local
populaiton to our remote mapping activities? I have contacts in Mali
(college of arts and humanities, hydrogeologist, writers) but to activate
them, it is necessary IMHO to clearly explain the OSM concepts and what can
be the kinds of contribution regarding the equipment (especially the
internet connection), skills and commitment of everyone. In order not to
discourage any potential enthusiastic local volunteers, I think we would
really need to have something clear and consistent regarding what kind
of information ot map/how to do it.

What would be the best way to explain the OSM concepts to people from the
civil society? Switch2osm may be a good start point but I am figuring out
it seems available only in English.

I had a quick chat with Frederic, who has the experience of working
remotely with communities in DRC and he suggested:

   - regarding the info
      - at small scale,  numbers of the already traced roads
      - at higher scale, street names and main POIs
   - regarding how to contribute, walking papers and/or osmbugs.org rather
   than having to spend time to learn how to handle JOSM or even Potlacth.

 It also seems osmbugs.org is lighter than Potlatch that can make the
difference in a country where the internet connections
are structurally slow. Mapdust.com <http://www.mapdust.com> could be an
alternative: I like the explicit pop-up, and the capacity to choose the
error type with a dropdown-list or to add a nickname but however it may
seem more complicated for a newbie + it displays by default the
mapquest rendering, not Mapnik.

Thoughts ?

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