[HOT] Tasking Manager - Un-gridded jobs

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Tue Apr 10 22:24:08 BST 2012


I dont understand your instructions for selecting a block.

If I maintain mouse down, with or without combination with other keys, I only navigate or zoom in the map. 


De : Pierre GIRAUD 
Date/heure : 2012-04-10  03:36:13 
A : HOT Openstreetmap 
Cc : 
Sujet : [HOT] Tasking Manager - Un-gridded jobs 

I intend to add automatic cropping of the drawn area by the already
existing polygons. It already works for the job's area. You can try it
by drawing a polygon which straddles the job's limits,
Please give it a try and send any feedback.
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