[HOT] Mali follow-up: Needs identified by OCHA

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Fri Apr 13 12:09:20 BST 2012


Bruno, from OCHA Regional Office for West and Central Africa
(UNOCHA-ROWCA) informs us that they have identified the following data
needs: health structures, schools, religious structures, nutrition
centers. They are going to share with us the list of schools that is
available to them.

Abdulaye, from the same office, is also informing us that roads,
streets, suburbs of cities like Gao, Tombuktu, Tessalit, etc... with
health and education infrastructure would be really useful.

Pierre is working on extending the data collection web application that
he had created to collect information about health facilities in Libya
to also collect these other types of points of interest for Mali. When
this is ready, it will be possible to disseminate the address of the web
page to local contacts within Mali, and maybe also to the Malian
diaspora, to crowdsource the data collection.
(Of course, OsmBugs.org is already available to collect any kind of
information, in a less structured way).

(@Om: maybe the SBTF would like to help with this, for example by
checking whatever could be available on the Internet. Would it be
appropriate to create a Skype group for this?)

Previously, a need for populated places data had been identified. Pierre
had started to work on this, by merging COD data with OSM data. Some
satellite imagery can be used to check the location of places, remove
possible duplicates, and maybe find populated places that would be
missing from the dataset. Public domain maps can also help with this
process. See the wiki page for more details:

It is likely that the OSM road network data can also be improved with
these sources.

For more information on the Sahel region and ROWCA (including the food
and nutrition crisis in Sahel, and the crisis in Mali) , please visit:

You can also check ReliefWeb page on Mali:
including the Mali maps page:

Best wishes,

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

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