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Today (Monday, April 16, 2012) at 00:59 Justin Henceroth meant:
> Greetings,


> As many of you may know, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is
> currently undertaking a strategic planning process that will help
> the organization better understand and make decisions about the
> challenges, opportunities, and key questions it faces in the future.
> Meridian Institute has been brought on by the Wilson Center and the
> HOT Board of Directors to support this process. 


> As part of that process, it is important to understand the thoughts
> and concerns of those involved in HOT’s work, including its members,
> volunteers, and those on the mailing list. To help us better
> understand that, please complete this survey. We will be combining
> the results of this survey with other various sources of information
> as we get ready to build a strategic plan. Your input is requested
> no later than Wednesday, April 24. 


> Thank you in advance for completing the survey. Your input is very
> valuable. If you have any questions or concerns about this process
> please contact Justin Henceroth with Meridian Institute
> (jhenceroth at merid.org | +1.970.389.6996). 


> Kind Regards,

> Justin

> Justin Henceroth 

> Project Associate | Meridian Institute

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> jhenceroth at merid.org 

> www.merid.org



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