[HOT] GPS tracker needed

Fanny Schertzer fanny.schertzer at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 14:35:23 BST 2012

Dear mappers,

I have a little question for you. A relative currently lives and works in
Ghana, a bit north of Accra. I noticed that we don't have a lot of data
outside the capital, and no imagery. So, I would like to involve him and
give him a little GPS tracker he would carry around and give me back when
he comes home, so I can draw the roads from the recorded traces.

However, I never used such a device and don't know which one would suit
best. It must be small, light, with a long battery life and very simple to
use. It must require minimal manipulations from the bearer, who is already
quite busy without it.

Has anyone a good experience and feedback to give?
Much thanks in advance

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