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Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
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There's been a couple of GPS tracker related threads on the email lists (possibly all(?) at talk at osm?) in the last few months. So, I'd advice to search the talk at osm archives.

The recommendations give good analysis of the different good trackers. Your best choice / good choices depend on your needs.

Two things that may (or may not) be of benefit are:
* replaceable battery. The trackers rarely seem to have standard (AAA) batteries but some use "phone battery like" batteries and it _may_ turn out to be convenient.
Another thing for novice users is 
* a physical switch for controlling whether the device is on or not.

One model that has both of these and that I've found to produce decent quality trace is QSTARZ 818xt.

It's battery is "basic Nokia compatible", which I've found very convenient when not having access to recharging. .. Just carry a couple of extra basic Nokia batteries and you're good to go for longer, too.


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