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I am really sorry for making such big tasks on the job.  I am new to the
task manager app, and, I got nervous when I couldn't figure out how to
redraw the task square sizes.  I just dove in and deleted the job and
re-added it twice and it appears to have worked to shrink the squares and
leave the job with the same number.  Amazing!

Thank you so much for the help with tracking Bogor.  I am so happy to know
some folks care about our map :)

I received an email from a man named David who says that in coming months
even greater detailed street surveys might be done
in partnership with international NGOs for Bogor.  Living here is rough,
and it's just nice to know people care.


On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 11:16 AM, <dies38061 at mypacks.net> wrote:

> I've spent several editing sessions on one of the grid elements, adding
> 1,846 elements between 11 and 21 April ... and there is much remaining.  I
> do like the enhancement of the Task Manager which allows you to work on the
> last grid element you worked on ... very nice.  I'm quite glad to see that
> I'm not the only one working on this Task.  Also, I'm trying to split my
> time between basic editing in the United States and 'charitable' editing in
> Indonesia. --ceyockey
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> >Hi,
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> >just wanted to report that the tasks in #31, Kota Bogor, are pretty big.
> >I just spent two hours on a rural area, and uploaded ~1300 objects as
> >counted by JOSM, but I'm far from finished.
> >
> >Best Regards and Good Night, David
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