[HOT] Kota Bogor on the task manager

Will Skora skorasaurus at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 14:39:14 BST 2012


Thanks for putting this task together and others who have helped him
out. I'll be glad to contribute although I have a couple questions.

According to the workflow, I am unclear what's the consensus to tag some
of the ways.
"A great deal of the residential areas are very dense traditional
housing areas with small alleys that are actually "Combined Foot and
Cycle Ways""
- I've seen several of these ways [on bing]. Although they are ways
within a residential area, since they're only 1.3 meters wide [not wide
enough for a typical automobile] as Alex had mentioned in the workflow,
should they then
be tagged with highway=path bicycle=designated foot=designated  ?

- In the completed squares, some of the buildings are traced. Are you
recommending all buildings be traced before a square is marked complete
? IMHO, since this is the first map for this area in any capacity, we
should just focus on the infrastructure (roads, rivers, bridges, bodies
of water). Given the very densely built environment, it can also be
difficult to determine where buildings begin and end.


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