[HOT] Board Elections (my thoughts/my position)

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Btw, I started on this page to document responsibilities for HOT Board members, so candidates can know what they're getting into and new members more quickly get up to speed.


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> HI All,
> Just wanted to give my thoughts on the board elections for this year.
> (Here is the link to the nominations page).
> 1. I will not be rerunning for the board this year. One of the things
> a lot of people (about 1/2) said when surveyed about people working
> for HOT being on the board was that they shouldn't be both. I've been
> thinking about it and it is a bit confusing to be one's own boss.
> Since I've been working as Acting Executive Director and intend to
> apply for the more permanent job when we hire for it I think it is
> best if I'm not on the board. I don't believe this will change a lot
> of my day to day activities, but think it will create a bit better
> separation between the board and those working for HOT full-time.
> 2. I think it would be great if the board had some fresh blood. We
> have a lot of people with great ideas and who really are knowledgable
> in open source/open data and humanitarian response at the moment.
> Thought a lot of these people don't have much free time. I think board
> members should spend at least 5 hours a week on board related
> activities (but to be honest 10 or so would be better). I think this
> also shouldn't be people's only contribution to HOT. So if you feel
> like you  have time and want to get involved please sign-up to run!
> Being on the board to me means making strategic decisions about the
> running of HOT. This means not the day to day decisions such as
> detailed negotiation of contracts, hiring, or who should speak at what
> conference. More things like long-term funding, how to engage the
> membership, where HOT wants to be in five years. This mostly entails
> attending a monthly board meeting, attending a yearly in person
> meeting, and answering email at least on a weekly basis (but if it was
> done more often it would be really helpful).
> If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me!
> Thanks,
> -Kate
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