[HOT] Board Elections (my thoughts/my position)

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Sun Dec 2 12:12:43 GMT 2012

HI All,

Just wanted to give my thoughts on the board elections for this year.
(Here is the link to the nominations page).

1. I will not be rerunning for the board this year. One of the things
a lot of people (about 1/2) said when surveyed about people working
for HOT being on the board was that they shouldn't be both. I've been
thinking about it and it is a bit confusing to be one's own boss.
Since I've been working as Acting Executive Director and intend to
apply for the more permanent job when we hire for it I think it is
best if I'm not on the board. I don't believe this will change a lot
of my day to day activities, but think it will create a bit better
separation between the board and those working for HOT full-time.

2. I think it would be great if the board had some fresh blood. We
have a lot of people with great ideas and who really are knowledgable
in open source/open data and humanitarian response at the moment.
Thought a lot of these people don't have much free time. I think board
members should spend at least 5 hours a week on board related
activities (but to be honest 10 or so would be better). I think this
also shouldn't be people's only contribution to HOT. So if you feel
like you  have time and want to get involved please sign-up to run!

Being on the board to me means making strategic decisions about the
running of HOT. This means not the day to day decisions such as
detailed negotiation of contracts, hiring, or who should speak at what
conference. More things like long-term funding, how to engage the
membership, where HOT wants to be in five years. This mostly entails
attending a monthly board meeting, attending a yearly in person
meeting, and answering email at least on a weekly basis (but if it was
done more often it would be really helpful).

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me!



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