[HOT] Problem with an Etrex 20

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I had a problem accessing one of my Etrex devices. It transpired it didn’t
like the cable I was using though the same cable worked fine with another
unit. I changed the cable and all was well again.





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Try to use Garmin Basecamp maybe?


On Sat, Nov 17, 2012 at 5:04 PM, Sébastien Pierrel
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Greetings from Burundi,


we have an issue with one of the Etrex20 of the Eurosha Burundi team. It's
not recognized by any computer.

When connected to the USB port, the device is powered through USB but
doesn't enter mass storage mode. In the system setup menu, I can change the
USB mode between "Garmin" and "mass storage" but computers won't recognize
it in either mode.


I've tried on a Mac, Windows and linux. It doesn't show up in `lsusb`. The
other etrex work just fine on these machines.


I've just realised that one of the working etrex prompts a message "usb
cable detected. do you want to switch to mass storage mode" when in Garmin
mode. The faulty etrex doesn't prompt such a message.


My diagnosis is that the USB controller is dead.


Any hope to access the data on the internal storage?


Help appreciated.



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