[HOT] Building Counter App

Yohan Boniface yohanboniface at free.fr
Sun Dec 9 17:02:16 GMT 2012

Hi Kate (and all :) ),

Being at bed with a throat infection, I had some time to have a look. ;)
Regarding your request, I see two problems:
- the code fetch the data from the API (which has size limitations)
- it parses the whole DOM on the fly to calculate the users list
So, making a reporter site for all the Indonesia sounds not trivial in 
my point of view. And certainly too much time consumer in regard of my 
actual availability (being very busy on "youmap project" - 
Anyway, I have quickly setted an instance, and hacked it to be able to 
pass a bbox parameter, so you can play with it (with small areas ;) ).
For example: 

Note that this server is a dev server, so not very powerful, and 
sometimes down for works.

If the bbox mode seems useful, it will not take that much time for me to 
clean my hack and make a pull request to Tim. Also, displaying the map 
directly instead of using an iframe could allow to add an option for 
calculating the bbox from the current map view.


On 12/09/2012 12:17 PM, Yohan Boniface wrote:
> Hi Kate,
> I can have a look these days.
> I can set up on my servers, and if we find the tool useful and want to
> keep it for long, then move it on a more official server.
> Yohan
> On 12/09/2012 11:52 AM, Kate Chapman wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Anyone interested in setting up this building counter app for Indonesia?
>> Blog post about it here:
>> http://linfiniti.com/2012/12/osm-building-count-stats/
>> Code here: https://github.com/timlinux/osm-reporter
>> Let me know. I can find some server space as well.
>> -Kate
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