[HOT] Re : RDC-Congo Pre-Activation : Lac Kivu

Michael Krämer ohrosm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 20:03:02 GMT 2012

Hello Claire,

Am 12.12.2012 16:08, schrieb Claire Halleux:
> Thank you for the datasets summary, I didn't know you had made this assessment.
> I fully agree with what's been written: data quality depends on the
> geometry source  and some less accurate data could still be valuable
> somehow.

I went to quite some learning curve on that myself, that's why I started 
writing down things for others that might follow. But I admit that it's 
quite hidden on the 'talk' page.

> Moreover all those datasets are still available on the RGC website (even
> if some internal links might have changed). Not many updates were
> published lately. If you still think that anything's missing, let me
> know, I will take care of this.

The site had not been available for a while and I just noticed recently 
that it is back. When quickly looking through the datasets I couldn't 
find the dataset for roads.


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