[HOT] Pre-Activation South and North-Kivu RD Congo : Follow-up

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Sat Dec 15 01:17:04 GMT 2012

Following the rebellion in Norh-Kivu in april 2012 and the cholera epidemy, the 
humanitarian situation is very volatile and requires from HOT a rapid 
response to support the NGO's on the ground with detailed maps. In the last two weeks we showed our capacity to respond quickly to this situation.

In this activation, HOT his working closely with NGO's on the ground, supporting their organization of the relief operation. Claire Halleux is acting as the HOT contact in RD Congo with the NGO's. This facilitates the communications and coordination of our efforts. It also let us adapt rapidly to the NGO's needs for mapping.
Yesterday in Kinshasa, UN OCHA and humanitarian NGO's had their weekly follow-up meeting.  New information about the situation, plus new priorities were reported.

For your info, estimations are now of 914,000 displaced persons 
within North-Kivu (whose about 500,000 have been displaced since April 
2012, beginning of the M23 crisis).
Currently in the Masisi area, 
there are 15 camps which are not accessible to humanitarian staff and 3 which 
are accessible but still within the area controlled by armed groups.
North of Goma and around Sake, few NGOs are still working but cannot circulate freely at the moment.

The biggest displaced persons camps by far are Mugunga 1, Lac Vert and 
Mugunga 3, all the three of them being located on the axis Goma - Sake.


3 zones were prioritized yesterday by the humanitarian response provincial committee in North Kivu. There are 271,000 displaced persons in these 3 zones.

priority area for getting imagery is still: Sake-Mubambiro-Mugunga zone 

(recent imagery would be best to see the camps sites).

We do not have high res imagery available for many areas to map  and are still negociating to obtain it.

Mapping tasks

New tasks have been prepared today taking into account priorities and imagery available. Below, we describe these newHOT task manager jobs. Note that some are identified with *** High priority.

In South-Kivu, Uvira city is presently a high priority for mapping since there is a new cholera epidemy that started 3 weeks ago. See task http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/118

The two following tasks are also a priority. Refugee camps should be located and mapped in detail.http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/116 Nyiragongo Volcano (Take the time to look at the fumes of the volcano)
http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/117 Nyabiondo

The wiki coordination page for this pre-activation is at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/RD_Congo_Kivu

For more infos, see the Blog update at http://hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2012-12-12_hot_pre_activation_south_and_north_kivu_democratic_republic_of_congo
Pierre Béland
coordinator for this activation
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