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Sun Dec 16 12:12:54 GMT 2012

Back in May the HOT board met face-to-face for a two day long strategy meeting. We made some decisions on changes to enact immediately (as described on this blog post at the time: 
) but we were mainly taking long-term view, running through our organisation's principles and goals, and how these apply across several topic areas. This was all guided by the Meridian Institute and staff from the Wilson Center, who also prepared a strategy document as output from discussions.

We (the board) have few changes since, but I am sharing this document with you all now:


It's a long document, but we'd really appreciate it if some people took the time to look through it. This will help you understand our strategic thinking, but we'd also like feedback. Comments are welcome inline (google docs comment) , or reply here for general feedback. Perhaps (after feedback) we can work on creating a shorter executive summary/blog post on it.

Harry Wood
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