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Hi Norman

I will let others talk in general.

The present humanitarian activation for North of DR Congo is particular. There are 914,000 displaced persons 
within North-Kivu (whose about 500,000 have been displaced since April 
2012, following the last rebellion). These persons are spread over a large territory and NGO's cannot join all of them easily.  GIS tools help them make various geospatial analysis. For that, they need very good maps and rapidly.

For this activation, we are in close contact with humanitarian organizations on the ground and help them plan their activities.  In this area, their is a rebellion, arm troops, violence against population in general and a high level of instability. Added to that, their is cholera epidemy. At the request of humanitarian NGO's, we map various roads, residential areas, refugee camps. When te mapping is completed, the HOT export API (see http://hot-export.geofabrik.de/jobs/1102) and other tools lets these NGO's extract data from the OSM database and bring it into GIS softwares. They combine this information with humanitarian layers for analysis. They then plan humanitarian relief. They see where people are, how they can join them, etc.

There are various ways the OSM data can be used.

For Uvira where there is presently a cholera epidemy, NGO's asked us to map very specific information that will import in GIS software for analysis. 

It is also possible to import OSM data into GPS for road navigation. In 2010 in Haiti, data was updated every night and rescuers could move on the next morning and find ther way through road blocks.

I started to help for Haiti in 2010, and I thought we could make the difference. And I am still there and still convinced. 


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>i am mapping since some time for the HOT jobs.
>I am asking myself, who really will use this mapping as a help for the humanitarian purpose?
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