[HOT] Ground truth (for task #118)

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Tue Dec 18 20:43:03 GMT 2012


mapping regions abroad having never visited them causes the wish to
have photographs to compare/verify how things from satellite imagery
look in "reality".
For example for this highway seemingly covered with water there are
sure some people (including me) not having seen such a thing in real

Thus it would be a great help if people (most likely helpers on-site)
could provide photographs from the places to map - if possible with
geotags on them.¹
They could be transmitted either using flickr (or similar services) or
any other ways available (ftp, in an archive at an one-click-hoster...)
To be able to derive data from the photographs it would be good if they
were under public domain/licensed CC-0 or similar.

Best regards

¹ http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Geotagging_Source_Photos

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