[HOT] [CrisisMappers] odbl non-agreement and humanitarian exceptions.

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(Added talk-ht at osm as that might well reach some ppl involved that the other lists don't.)

Having bn part of the below-mentioned #OSM IRC discussion (finally using irc after 15 years of avoiding, ayii!) Here's my 2 cents:

The OSM Haiti data's v1 odbl complient edit rates for nodes and ways are 68% and 54%, respectively. v1+last edit comopliency rates are 89 and 95%, respectively.

These figures r for data of the whole island and the losses in DR are _significantly_ higher. That will have a partial impact on e.g. Local OpenGeo-related economic activity, which has a direct link with local sustainable hunanitarian activities and all data activity on the Haitian side.

In any case the direct impact is -- in my guesstimate -- to at least a quarter of Haiti data. And the viability of OSM will take a clear hit because of this. And that impacts humanitarian use without a doubt. Unless there's a renewed interest to help remap Haiti from the community -- or(/and) the data damage is limited in some ways.

The thing is that we (in and currently actively involved with Haiti mapping) are limited in capacity to do more advanced data loss mitigation and I think also the capacity to remap is limited in a number of ways.

So, having heard that some gave and got a special right to allow retaining his data in OSM for a given bbox _in the U.S._ I don't see why we wouldn't try that in Haiti as well as other humanitarian operations areas.

With best regards from Haiti,

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Hi All,

Apologies for any overlap in recipients for this - I very rarely post to
mailing lists, so I am not sure how wide a net for this issue would be

There was a discussion on the #osm irc channel recently about the
possibility of approaching non-agreers to the new CT about any data they
may have contributed to areas where the removal of such data could have a
negative effect on our humanitarian efforts.
Looking for example at how much data we stand to lose in Haiti, this is
something that may limit the difficulty of those that are on the ground in
these places and struggling to remap.

The possibility of haing a bounding box around areas such as these was
mentioned - and there is aparantly a precedent for a users data within a BB
being retained.

Any thoughts, comments, or points?

Larry O'Neill

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