[HOT] Libya OSM conection on ArcGIs9.3

robert colombo robertcolombo at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 16:27:02 GMT 2012

hi folks!
, i'm trying to get a OSM basline layer on an ArcGIs 9.3 (9.3 not 90.3.1or
10) but i can not connecto to it, except using ArcBruTtle which i think
it's not 100% legal. also i would like to have the possibility to zoom in
with no limits. We want to use this to produce automatic atlas of maps for
Field data collection for Libya.
Any idea ow to do tht. Note, i do not want to use shapefiles, i would like
to be able to "suck" the data from a WFS or similar...ArcGis9.3 does not
allow a connection to ArcGIS online..ther ias a WFs for Europe
but..ohhhhh..currelnty none for africa..
Let me know!


Robert Colombo
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