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This is (one of the) reason(s) I think ppl should use source tag (possibly source:geometry) on all mapped objects. .. Makes adjusting easier as one can filter with the tag when traces or other more solid information on imagery accuracy becomes available.


Ps. Talking of traces, imagery, and accuracy I think it would be good to try to figure out how to partner with various development / humanitarian players (and why not private sector players / "even" governments to create a "reference trace set" for any area in which we are active in. 
I'm trying to figure that out here in Haiti as implied in my msg a few hrs ago.
Has some tried to do this somewhere else? .. I remember reading somewhere that something along these lines was (one of) the base data set(s) for OSM in London in the beginning of the whole OSM project. 

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Hey All,

Just wanted to make you aware there is an offset between the imagery
available in Bing and the imagery we've been using.

I think the best thing to do right now is to continue using the
imagery we were using. Eventually when there is more GPS traces
available we might be able to correct.  At the moment though there
isn't a good way of knowing which is best.

Also if you run across some buildings that are offset I think it is
best to line them up with the imagery so it is consistent.  If someone
has a better suggestion let me know.




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