[HOT] Recommendations for cheap "passive GPS trackers" / vehicle mountable GPS loggers?

Boris Cornet borisC at osm-at.org
Tue Feb 14 12:30:43 GMT 2012


In the thread mentioned, I have recommended the Wintec WBT202 logger.
It is as small device (slightly bigger than a matchbox) and is
equipped with an UBLOX-5 chip (the best one around IMHO) and an
SD-drive with a 2 GB card that can store a few millon trackpoints.
There is also a motion sensor to stop tracking if the car is standing
still, but it is not reliable, don't use! The tracker can be
configured to take waypoints every x seconds, or after a change of
angle or after a certain amount of distance change.

The builtin battery lasts about one day, but it takes external power
via an usb-plug (5V). I have made many measures just putting it
underneath the front window, and the results are brilliant.

The software generates all kinds of track files, amongst them GPX and

This seems to be a cheap (€109.-) and simple solution.

Yesterday (Monday, February 13, 2012) Jaakko Helleranta.com commented:
> Hi there,

> There was a thread a while ago on GPS loggers but I'd have a
> slightly modified question on the same field:

> Could someone recommend essentially GPS logger solutions that would
> be temporarily installed in vehicles for gathering information for
> preferrably a week, two or even three for every 1-2 meters the vehicle drives.

> In my vocabulary (working with active tracking systems) this would
> be a "passive tracking system", which I don't know details for. 

> The idea is/would be to find cars that are driving actively around
> Haiti or/and the capital area and record their tracks into GPS
> traces so we could verify the road network. 
> A standard GPS logger with a power source (I already have a stack
> of 12V usb power sources) might work but option for external GPS antenna would be a plus.

> My quickish searching didn't return any concrete cases for mapping
> use. Tracking yes but I'd love to hear of any experience for mapping purposes.

> Any recommendations?

> Thanks,
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