[HOT] Question regarding tasking manager "etiquette"

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 20:21:09 GMT 2012

Yes maybe sometimes people forget to mark their task as done, or they 
forget which square they had been working on. I think probably people 
are also sometimes timid about marking a task as done, in case it's not 
really finished yet, or they've done it wrong.

Similarly when a job is first set up, there's may be squares which are done already or which can be very quickly and easily done. For Samoa we had an 
overview "just the major roads" job, and I don't know if the major roads were done extremely quickly during the exercise, or if they were 
actually all already in place, but clearly the tasks were *all* done (in accordance with the definition of the job, which was to map the major 
roads) when I came to look at them later on, and yet very few squares 
were marked as such.

I think in both cases we need to be bold.  The task manager isn't going 
to be useful if we don't mark squares as done when they are done. So if 
you're looking for you next mapping square and find you've had your time wasted because you're on a square which is already finished...  mark it as done.

The problem is that we don't get such a useful audit of who did what.  We can try to fix that a bit. I think probably the system needs to 
prompt people to mark their square as done if they forget e.g. by 
email.  And of course there's the problem of people scoring massively because they mapped all the ocean tiles (I'm good at that one!)

I think at the moment we should accept that the tool is not so useful for keeping scores, butis already very useful for directing people where to map, and that's the main thing. So the answer is "be bold". Mark the tasks as done!  You can also add a comment e.g. "somebody else has done this one"

We're inventing the etiquette as we go along here though. It's all new.


 From: Michael Krämer <ohrosm at googlemail.com>
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Subject: [HOT] Question regarding tasking manager "etiquette"

as I have previsously done some armchair mapping I recently decided to direct some of my mapping energy to help mapping Padang. Doing this using the tasking manager works perfectly for me. That's really a decent tool to work with.

After mapping a number of squares I came across a few which were already completely mapped. So I struggled what to do with those - mark as done or not?

I assume marking as done would overall help the project. But on the other hand it also a bit of taking credits for somebody else's efforts.

Any thoughts?


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