[HOT] Question regarding tasking manager "etiquette"

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Harry Wood  2012-02-17  15:21:31 

Similarly when a job is first set up, there's may be squares which are done already or which can be very quickly and easily done. For Samoa we had an overview "just the major roads" job, and I don't know if the major roads were done extremely quickly during the exercise, or if they were actually all already in place, but clearly the tasks were *all* done (in accordance with the definition of the job, which was to map the major roads) when I came to look at them later on, and yet very few squares were marked as such.

I think that we can say that the Tasking Manager functionalities are still under development and experience will tell us how it should evolve. The coordinator cannot control the Task manager except creating a new Job. For the Samoa simulation, we tested these Overview tasks to trace only major roads : Job 20 Samoa Cyclone Simulation (Upolu Island) - Overview Mapping. But the coordinator has no control if somebody decide to quickly indicate those tasks as completed. as somebody did for job 20. I think that the coordinator should have the possibility to revert the status of a task to not done if he thinks that it is not completed.  It would also be good to have a History functionality like in Osm.

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