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Below is some material that you can reuse for your presentation.
Text for the DFAIT Open Policy session in Ottawa.

Our recent activation with World Health Organization about the Libyan Health Registry may interest them. We developed an interactive map to monitor data. We also integrated Crowsourcing possibilities where people from Libya can geolocate Health facilities on the map.
See http://hot.openstreetmap.org/updates/2012-01-31_wrapping_up_the_libyan_health_facility_activation


Richard Welty 2012-02-18  07:54:26 
A : HOT 
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Sujet : [HOT] OSM presentation late April 
i've been invited to speak about OSM at a conference on GIS applications 
in Public Health.
i'm planning to use my presentation on HOT as the first 20 minutes of my 
for those who haven't looked at (or have lost the URL), the presentation 
is here:
given that i have an hour, i can add some stuff on HOT. anything of 
particular importance?
i'll probably fill out the rest of the hour with a little bit on how 
walking papers works, and
discussion of other interesting projects leveraging OSM for applications 
in the public sector.
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