[HOT] Lybia Adminisitrative divisions with 23 Sabias

robert colombo robertcolombo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:37:26 GMT 2012

Dear HOT people. I'm looking for a GIS layer for
Libya administrative divisions. All the produced maps are using a 22
divisions distribution but MoH  was using in 2010 (new
discovered document ) a 23 layer division. This layer includes Ajdabia
Shabia (on the 22 Layer is attached to Al Wahat). The map seems to have
been handrawn with land mistakes (triangle in Murzuk as noted by UNITAR)
it's official...

look at the image here


This is the layer to find and use, at least for health issues using the
2010 produced document as it is official from MoH. Why all the other
produced maps (including WHO ones) used a 22 Shabia? I still have no
answer. Any help let me know!

Robert Colombo Llimona
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