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Sat Feb 25 02:56:48 GMT 2012

Hey Hi Ho,

This is mostly an exploratory email looking for ideas.
I am helping to put a wish list together for a "living lab" in Haiti.
Specifically for the communities of Site Soley.
I want to put out some ideas of what would be good so I can get some others
thoughts suggestions back.
Ideally this space will be used as a center where communication and
information technology can be accessed, as well as a public education,
exhibition space.

Thoughts on equipment:
-There are plenty of Garmin etrex at disposal already

-Perhaps android phones would be a good investment. These allow for use as
GPS, digital camera, video, and internet access ($20 a month for unlimited
3g wireless that can be shared with 5 devices). How confident do people
feel with this move. This allows for one device to fill the role of a
couple devices that would otherwise need to have been purchased.
Suggestions on models if yes?

-Digital cameras. Redundant with android phones?

-Flip cams.

-5ish new laptops. Ideas on type, OS, proctoring, ect.
  Is anyone out there knowledgeable in creating system images and applying
them to computers. Getting computers set up is a major obstacle for most
OSM projects, as wel as recovering funked up computers. It would be nice to
have a standard OSM mapping OS image, especially if it was
hardware independent.

-1 mac computer station for editing videos. Are Macs still necessary for
doing this well?

-Projector. For educations as well as exhibition-ing video projects.

-Printer. We have plenty of letter size printers around. I think it would
be cool to print things like community newsletters if possible. So that
needs larger size, ability to print large quantities, and hopefully not
costly maintenance.

-Internet connection. I am tempted to push toward just using 3g in USB keys
or phones USB plugged to computers, and then using a comuter with wifi
sharing to create a network. It is allot cheaper and just as fast as most
other options. And more flexible.

-Pelican Cases for storage and security.

Hopefully some of you guys have some ideas, models, specifications, or
missing equipment to suggest. I look forward to your input.
And I will send out a version of this email to talk-ht in the next couple
days as well.

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