[HOT] Rectified imagery of post flooding in Norther Mindanao, Philippines in relief warper

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Wed Jan 18 06:03:35 GMT 2012

Dear Fred,

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Some them are added already in OSM, evac centers are usually schools.
If there other missing points please do add them.
> I made some map over illigan and Cagayan de Oro and I have collected from
> IOM emergency team the evacuation center ( I will ask them again if I can
> put them in OSM).

You can download the rectified geotiffs in mapwarper directly (Export
tab).  The data are jpegs from the Sentinel Asia website.  If you
intend to digitize, we prefer you do it via the usual OSM editing so
that others can pitch in with editing.

> By the way, could we have access to the raw data to extract the mud from the
> image and then put it on OSM after. If not we will digitalze by hand, and
> see if field team can help with GPS point.

Yes lets do the best we can.
> Let see of far we can help on this issue.

PS. I will be on fieldwork in the coming days, but please continue
communications in the hot list.

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