[HOT] Rectified imagery of post flooding in Norther Mindanao, Philippines in relief warper

Fred Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 03:56:58 GMT 2012

Hi Maning,

thanks a lot for those images it will be very helpfull,

I am working in Haiti with IOM, as Gis manager  and with hot we used some
tag for risk reduction (flooded area). I will come to you shortly about it,
but the solution with flood prone seems to be good also

I made some map over illigan and Cagayan de Oro and I have collected from
IOM emergency team the evacuation center ( I will ask them again if I can
put them in OSM).

The flooded area is quite important to get as the Goverment declared that
these areas cannot be returned to and thus relocation plans have to be

So I will come to you shortly.

By the way, could we have access to the raw data to extract the mud from
the image and then put it on OSM after. If not we will digitalze by hand,
and see if field team can help with GPS point.

Let see of far we can help on this issue.

All the best fred
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